Jump on the bandwagon

2009/09/27 § 2 Comments

Hola internet blogging world!   I’ve gotten so many requests to keep everyone updated on my adventures that I figured my email would have a heart attack and die if I tried to keep up with everyone.  Also, at some point I would forget someone, and that would make me sad.  And then!  My friend Alyssa, with whom  I’m gallivanting around Madrid, posted on Facebook that she had started a blog for her adventures, and Becca thought that was a fine idea, so here I am! Muchas gracias para el idea, Alyssa. 🙂

Instead of flying straight out to Madrid, I took advantage of a free flight and some time with my sister to hang out in New York City for two nights.  It’s been very lovely here, just starting to get into the coolness of fall.  The leaves are starting to change, and everyone is wearing their boots.  Today we spent quite some time walking around Central Park, which was gorgeous, full of people, and a chess tournament!  Tonight was some yummy Indian food for dinner with Bec’s fabulous roommate, Kelsey, followed by tasty tasty cupcakes at Butter Lane.  We walked around for a bit after looking for an ethernet cable for me, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Back to the apartment, and some hang out time.  I really should be repacking my suitcase, since it exploded all over the room, as per usual.

Tomorrow my flight for Madrid leaves out of Newark at 4.30pm.  So soon!  I get to Madrid at 9.30 in the morning, and then the real adventure begins!

Hasta luego, un beso-




§ 2 Responses to Jump on the bandwagon

  • John Cloyd says:

    Hi Allie!

    Hope you landed safe in Madrid and found your way to your youth hostel OK. How was the flight? Are you totally jet lagged or too excited for jet lag? I know you are 9 hours ahead of us.

    Have a great time!


    • allisoncloyd says:

      I am here! I´m finally now just getting out, since when Alyssa and I woke up from our nap, and were getting ready, I got major spots in front of my eyes, and decided that it would be a bad idea to go walking around, so I took drugs and went back to sleep, and Alyssa went out, but then I woke up and felt much better. We were quite tired earlier, but we might go for a while tonight. The weather is gorgeous!

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