Where to find PEANUT BUTTER in Spain

2009/10/05 § 1 Comment

Today I had my first “real” day of school!  It got off to a fabulous start- my (only) class started at 10am, and since I wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take me to get there, I left my apartment at 8.55am.  Metro, fine.  When I got off the metro though…long story short, I walked around for over an hour, and couldn’t find the dang university!  Multiple factors contributed to this: on my way there last week, I was with a friend who knew where we were going; on the way back, another friend.  I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention, even though I thought I did.  Also, nobody in that neighborhood knows that the Universidad de Nebrija exists.  Why, I’m not sure, but they don’t know its there.  Eventually, I went in a way that looked vaguely familiar (at this point I’m already 15 minutes late for class), and found a nice woman walking her dog who did in fact know the university, and pointed me in the right way.  Yay!!!  But boo- by the time I got there, I was 25 minutes late, and we’re not supposed to go if we’re more than 10 minutes late.  I feel like such a jerk!  I’m so upset, since it’s my first day, and my phone wouldn’t let me call or text anyone, and I’m late and…you get the picture.  I found my advisor, and he took me to class, and introduced me, even though I didn’t really need introducing, since it’s a small class, and I was obviously the one not there.

BUT I made it in the end, and the professor was really nice, and now I think I know where I’m going, and I’ll never be late again.

After class, Jordan, Alyssa, Melissa, and I went to la Vaguada, a big mall, and that was an adventure, but eventually we got there, and Jordan and I headed off to the Alcampo, which is pretty much the Spanish version of WalMart, and I found PEANUT BUTTER!!  Totally made my day, and then we headed home.  Lunch, and reading, and just hanging out for the rest of the day!  Y eso fue mi dia.  Lo siento por no acentos, wordpress no les gusta.

Hasta luego, un beso-


ps. Thank you for leaving me comments!!  I love reading them- they remind me of home, and make me happy!



§ One Response to Where to find PEANUT BUTTER in Spain

  • Katie says:

    Yes peanut butter does not exist in Europe (at least, not the way it is ubiquitous in the US)…they have Nutella instead!

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