What kind of crazy language is this?! Parte Una

2009/10/17 § 2 Comments

Hola todos!  Sorry for such a long silence- I guess I just been too dang busy!  The last week has been full of fun crazyness. 

Last week was my first full week of school- love my classes, love my professors.  One of the best parts is watching them try to translate stuff into English (only when absolutely necessary), and sometimes not suceeding.  The best example of this is actually from class yesterday::

Ruben, my Spanish Language prof, was trying to explain something to the Chinese students in our class, and not getting anywhere, so he borrowed a Chinese-Spanish dictionary (yeah, my head hurts too) and looked it up, and said something…blank looks.  Wrote something on the board…blank looks.  Handed the dictionary to someone, had them read it, and ding ding ding!  Lightbulb!  All of them went “OHHHHH” and started chastising Ruben on his apparent lack of Chinese or something.  And the best part was…it totally sounded the same to me.  I don’t have the ear for Chinese apparently, but it made me appreciate being able to learn language at all.  And how they are learning a language that isn’t even related to Chinese!  Amazing.

Last Thursday I went with two friends to an intercambios, or an exchange.  The idea is that the people who go are going to practice whatever language it is that they are studying with native speakers, so I went to practice Spanish, while there were Spanish students there to practice English.  Every half hour we would change languages- tiring, but so much fun!  After a few hours of that, we all packed up and went to a club nearby, where there was a bienvenidos party for Nebrija students.  That was fun, but I didn’t stay very late because….

The next day I was going to BARCELONA!!  Fun fun trip- pretty town, lots to see, lots of new people to meet.  I went with five friends- we had an 8.20am flight out on Friday and got to Girona about 9.40.  What?  Girona?  Ah yes- Ryanair doesn’t fly into Barcelona, they fly into a little city just over an hour away.  And yes, we did know this before- we weren’t stuck when we got there.  So we got to hop on a bus and drive about an hour and 15 minutes to Barcelona, navigate our way to the hostel, sit around for a long long long while before checking in, then we got to wander around for 45 minutes before having to be back to get our stuff out of storage and get into our rooms.

Alyssa, Melissa, and I stayed in a 10 bed female dorm- so much fun!  Just like being in summer camp.  Since we were there for three nights, we met quite a few people going in and out.  I loved learning where everyone was from, what they were doing in Barcelona, how long they were traveling for- so many interesting people!  Hostels are awesome.

That first day, after we got all settled in, we walked down Las Ramblas (our hostel was about 30 feet off the Ramblas, which is the big huge touristy boulevard that leads to the marina), oohed and ahhed over the Christopher Colombus monument, which is huge.  As a history major, I thought it was cool that we were there over Columbus Day weekend- just wanted to point that out.  At the top of a 60m pillar, is a statue of Columbus pointing the way to…somewhere.  I read that it was intended to point the way west, in theory, to America, but in fact does not, and is pointed east, towards his hometown of Genoa.  Not sure how they mixed up east and west, or whether they changed their minds at the last minute, but that’s what I know.

We walked along a beautiful marina with many, many, many gorgeous sailboats, and then we got to the marina where the yachts are…lo quiero!  We wound up at a little restaurant, where everyone had paella (a nasty sort of dish with rice and saffron and seafood- yuck!  However, I could be biased.  It is supposed to be very good, and blah blah blah), and I had a clara con limon, since I had already eaten.  We hung out there for a while, and continued on to the beach, which was pretty, but since we had gotten there later in the day, it wasn’t as warm.

Now, silly me, I didn’t bring a swim suit with me to Europe, because I didn’t think it would be at all warm enough to go anywhere in a swimsuit, much less actually go swimming, but three of my friends did, and so we were on the beach for a bit while they took a swim, so they can now say they have been swimming in the Mediterranean (so have I, just not this trip).  One of my favorite things about going to new beaches- the sand is always so different!  Not counting all the cigarette butts, the sand was so much coarser than back home, but felt very nice on my poor feet. 

When we had gotten a bit chilly, I went back to the hostel to shower, Alyssa and Melissa went in search of Olympic Port, and the other three went off…somewhere.  Just now, I’m realizing I have no idea where, but that they ended up back at the hostel eventually.  Showering at the hostel was experience.  That’s what I’m going to say.  I am glad that I did that night, since that was the only hot shower I had while I was there- there is some magic to having a hot shower, but I’m not sure what it is.  Eventually, we made it out that night, in the company of two people who were in the same room as Elizabeth, Jordan, and Tim- Sarah and Kim, two students from China, studying in Nice, and visiting Barcelona.  I talked with them almost the whole night- super awesome people. 

Thus, my first day in Barcelona!  Part two to come-

Hasta luego, un beso-



p.s. I will explain the title, I promise!



§ 2 Responses to What kind of crazy language is this?! Parte Una

  • Beth says:

    “A nasty sort of dish…” Amen! down with loads of freaky looking sea creatures on yellow rice! ¡Que horror!

    • allisoncloyd says:

      Haha- you have no idea! To be subjected to watching your friends eat it, and waving the little freaking looking things around in the air..nightmares. And now I’ve promised that I’ll try it when we go to Valencia…you know…that place where the stupid thing was first cooked…

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