Saturday Night in Toledo….Spain

2009/10/26 § 5 Comments

Two Saturdays ago, I went off in bus with the university to Toledo, Spain, about an hour-ish bus ride from Madrid.  A gorgeous, historic, multi-cultural city, it was SO COLD.  As in, freezing.  I was glad I had my fun little knit handwarmer things- probably saved my hands from freezing into solid blocks.  However, since I knew we were going to be walking around a lot, and I thought the weather would be better than freezing, I wore these super cute, comfy shoes that require that one wears no socks.  And lo, my toes fell off.  Or at least they felt like they would, up to the point where I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.  Boo.

The fun thing about the school excursion trips is that professors come along with us as our tour guide- makes the day really fun, and on this trip especially, even more interesting, since Paz (yes, peace) is Toledana!  That is, she’s from Toledo, so she was super confident in telling us all about the city, and some of the less well-known facts.  We saw mosques that had become churches, synagogues that became churches that became convents that went back to being synagogues…we went to see “El entierro del conde de Orgaz” by El Greco, which was especially exciting, since we had just learned about it in class two days before!  We went to different churches, but not to the Cathedral, which was a bummer, since it’s huge!  And houses lots of amazing art, but the next day they were having a beautification, so it was closed for the day.  We did sneak into a wedding though!  The church of the monastery we went to was in theory “closed,” but we snuck in right behind the bride, and watched a little of her wedding, and then left! 😀

We had a break of a couple of hours in the afternoon, so we had a lazy lunch, walked around and did a bit of shopping, and then got a drink.  We met up with the group for one last museum, and then the bus home!

Facebook people will notice there are no pictures of this yet- what?  Did Allie not take pictures?  Of COURSE I took pictures, it just so happens that my pictures of Barcelona, Toledo, and the bullfight (ugh) are on my 16GB SD card, which my computer will not read, even with the help of an SD card reader, so my wonderful friend Alyssa is going to see if she can get them off for me on her computer.  I’m using my little 2GB card right now, but I wanted to use the big one since then I wouldn’t have to delete any pictures off of it, and then I’d have pictures in two places, instead of just one.  Oh well.  Ideas?

Next post:: bullfight, el Palacio Real, La Cruda Realidad, and El Escorial and Valle de los Caidos!

Hasta luego, un beso-



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