Allison Cloyd= a terrible blogger. But with really good excuses!

2009/12/07 § 1 Comment

Hola todos!

I know that this hadn’t been updated in a long time.  My defense?  No longer have I working wifi like I did when I got here.  Woe is me.  Right now I’m in the family room, using the cable from my host family’s computer to get internet.  Sitting on the floor, as a matter of fact, since I have to be plugged in in two opposite directions.

This last weekend, I went to Dublin by myself, and it was incredible.  I had an awesome time exploring the city on my own, seeing the sights, taking my sweet time in museums to read every sign (yes!), and meeting the lovely people of Dublin.  I also day-tripped it over to Galway via train (gotta love a country where you can go ACROSS and back, and see a city, in one day.  It was cold (very cold) but I loved it.  Also, I love Guinness.  As I told Becca, if I could have Guinness for every meal (constant drunkenness not withstanding), I would.

I leave for Paris on Thursday!  I’m there Friday and Saturday, and then come back to Madrid early Sunday morning.  I’ll start packing and clearing out my stuff, and Sunday the 20th I fly to New York!  Right now its t minus 13 days to Allie being Stateside again, and I am SO excited to go home!  I miss everyone, and I’m ready to be home again.  Of course, I wish I was coming back to Madrid, but right now I’m also working on my schedule for next semester, and I’m excited to be continuing at CSUSM and getting that much closer to graduation (May 2011 for those keeping track).

This week I’m planning on going to the Mueseo Thyssen (oo, maybe tomorrow!) and seeing the numerous Belenes, or Nativity scenes, scattered around the city.  Oh, and class, of course.  🙂

Hasta luego, un beso-



§ One Response to Allison Cloyd= a terrible blogger. But with really good excuses!

  • Debbie says:

    Allie- It sounds like you should try a black and tan too. See you very soon.. Love and kisses.

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