Positive Thought: Step 2 down.

2011/05/28 § Leave a comment

I did it!  Or at least, I finished it!  College is done, over, fin, terminado.  I am the proud owner of a Bachelor’s of Arts in History.  Woot!  Five years, four schools, three transfers, two majors, and one study abroad, I’m now moving on.  Pratt Institute SILS, Class of 2013.  Wow.  The process of getting into grad school and deciding to move to New York is like a crazy dream- I know it’s happening, it’s real, and yet I’m still waiting to wake up.  I don’t know why exactly this is.  Because my sister has already done it?  Because I’ve lived at home for the last four years (eeks)? 

I think it may be that I’m not sure I’m New York-worthy.  This is obviously absurd- if I want to live somewhere, I’ll damn well live there- and yet it isn’t.  Maybe I’m waiting for a sign.  A big one, green neon please, saying “ALLISON MARIE CLOYD, NEW YORK- NEW YORK, ALLISON MARIE CLOYD.  YOU’LL BE GOOD FRIENDS.”   Or at least decent acquaintances.  But I made it in Madrid, right? 

So, step one was high school.  Step two, graduating from college.  I guess I now have step 2.5 on the life plan, graduate school.  Then, according to my parents, I’ll get a job, have a successful career, get married, and then I’m allowed to date.  Or something like that.


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