The randomness of my head amazes even me.

2011/08/03 § Leave a comment

There are so many things I want in this blog post, but I’m tired so I’m just going to list some thoughts.

First, I move to New York in 13 days (12, really).  I am simultaneously excited and terrified; when it crosses my mind at work (“Gah @#$! I hate this! Oo, I don’t have to do this next week! Oo, I’m moving in less than two weeks!”) I feel sick to my stomach.

Second, The Family is in town this week, and while that’s really super exciting, I’m still going to go to bed early and go to church and advocate for a beach day with my immediate family in the next week because all of those things are important too.

Three, in response to B’s post here, I have to say that the older I’ve gotten, the more amazing the “classics” have become; in fact, there’s a damn good reason that they are called such.  However comma there is definitely a moment where they become enjoyable for the words they contain, and not for the history that they’ve made.  Sherlock Holmes is funny.  Jane Eyre is romantic.  I didn’t know that in high school though.  It helps that they are free on Amazon Kindle, too.


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