Moving crap across the country sucks.

2011/08/31 § 1 Comment

I just (and I mean just) moved from the Hidden Valley to the Big Apple, and my official opinion is this: moving sucks.  Packing is awful and just one lightweight t-shirt can change your bag from 48 to 52 lbs. but when you take it out it’s then 44, and hauling stuff up and down stairs and in and out of cars is never fun, and…the list goes on.

I consciously thought of this move as the move, the one where you really move out of your mom’s house and don’t plan on coming back.  I’m not sure if everyone else did, but I was all about getting as much stuff out as possible because I didn’t want to feel as if I had a second place to go back to, a second home if you will.  This is absurd for a couple of reasons:

One, 3010 is, has been, and will forever be my home full stop.  Ridiculous to think that would ever change.  I blame it on pre-move insanity.

Two, I have SO MUCH STUFF it would be impossible for me to get it all out at once.  Probably why my parentals were not as concerned that I was never coming back.

In all seriousness, I tried very hard to get my crap outta there.  My chest of drawers is empty…with the exception of one that had stuff I couldn’t get in my bags, but didn’t want to put in the donate pile.  My closet is empty of clothes…mostly.  With the exception of some sweatshirts I just couldn’t bear to get rid of.  My bathroom drawers are empty at the very least!…but the cabinets?  Not so much.

Then we come to my books.  I have approximately a gazillion.  (I said approximately).  Yes, I’ve read most of them, yes I’d know if they were missing, yes, they are organized, and no, I don’t want to give any away.  End of discussion.

And now, having lived in my new place for two whole weeks I thought I didn’t want any more of my stuff, and told Mom to forget sending the last box, even though I couldn’t remember what was in it.  And when she told me, I flipped that I didn’t have it (in my defense, I had wondered where some of it was, thereby validating the flip out.  I blame the move for forgetting what was in the box in the first place).

Why do we do this to ourselves?  The accumulation of stuff and the moving it from place to place just to have it sit in one corner and then the next.  As I’m becoming more aware of this, I’m paying more attention to what I use and what I don’t, what I look at on a daily basis and what is just collecting dust.

Maybe I can start a new habit of really knowing what is in my space, and what’s just taking it up.


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