7.32am Sunday morning

2011/09/25 § Leave a comment

So I had an interesting night last night.

I had dinner with Becca and had an amazing black bean burger.  From the dining hall.  Oh NYU, it isn’t just your databases I appreciate.

We had chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin frosting from Butter Lane which were amazing.  And a dollar each!  Thanks Butter Lane!

We talked books and school and work and lots of things that you can talk with other people about, but it’s just so much better to talk with your sister about.

And she lent me a book that she had blogged about previously (here) that I read last night and.  It.  Was.  Amazing.

Matched is probably one of the best books I’ve read in a while.  I love me a good dystopia/utopian novel, and it’s just sci-fi enough to make me think about technology, but the writing.  The words themselves are beautiful.  It’s rare to read a book where each word is treasured and well thought out (but considering the story line, any other method of word choice would be both ironic and heresy), but this one…I have to get my own copy so I can scribble in it, but here’s a taste:

I decide to keep the envelope, to put Ky’s artifact inside before I put it back in the pocket of my extra plainclothes for safekeeping.  But before I do, I open the case and watch the spinning arrow.  It settles on a point, but I still spin, wondering where to go


So I read this book in about three hours and it was amazing and totally worth it, but then I was so amped up from reading it that falling asleep took forever, and then I woke up randomly at 4.30am and at 4.45am there was a huge screech and a very loud and scary BANG and a car crashed into a parked car across the street from my house and I’ve been awake ever since. 

It’s 7.32am.  I guess I’ll start my homework now.


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