Reasons why being a library student is cool.

2011/10/02 § Leave a comment

Reason 1, if you yell for help, people will answer.
The set up:
I joined the NY Librarians meetup group.
I was panicking about the fact that I hadn’t gotten any responses to emails I sent out about setting up interviews for a class (your basic “Hi I’m a first year, tell me everything you know” kind of interviews).
Stephanie, the meetup group coordinator, said that it was alright for me to ask in the facebook group for help.
And I did.  And nice nice people emailed me and called me to give me tips and hints and voila, I have two interviews set up in some cool places.

Reason 2: Free tours of cool places.
In the last two weeks I’ve toured the Fitch Ratings Library (wiki link here), which was a really interesting look into corporate libraries, something I didn’t know anything about.  While before it probably ranked the same as public and school libraries on the interest scale (like at a…zero) it’s probably now a 2 or 3.  So, progress.

The second place I toured was the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex and it was uh-mazing.  The event was held by the Archivists Round Table NYC (shout out!  Pamela Cruz, VP, put together that program- she’s cool) and I’m so glad I went.  The first hour was a meet and greet, and I talked to a Queens College student who is in her last semester.  She told me about her internship at the Coney Island Carnival Museum or something like that.  It sounded interesting!

The second hour was a rotating cycle of mini-presentations, by the curators of the museum, who are awesome.  They walked small groups of us through the Intrepid’s history, through how they use the artifacts they have to tell the story, and then how they are in the process of archiving their collections.  Very educational, and it was so cool to be with professionals who actually DO this and are excited about it!  I’ve been so worried that I’m building up this career in my head, but all three of the presenters said how much they love their jobs, so I’m feeling better.

After, since we’d been given snazzy wristbands, we got to wander around the Intrepid for free!  I had dressed in my sleekest professional heels, so it wasn’t the most comfortable excursion ever, but so worth it.  I saw planes and the captain’s chair and read fun signs and played with radios and all in all had a good time.  I did miss having my fajah to explain everything to me, so it’s still on the list of things to do when we collectively have time to go and play tourist.

Reason three why being a library student is cool is I get to sit in tea shops and make snarky remarks with other library students about how we totally went into SILS for the money we’re planning on making.  Bahahaha.


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