November 21st and The Holiday Season

2011/11/23 § 1 Comment

In Allie-land, November 21st is an important date for a couple of reasons. 

One, we celebrate my existence (yay!).  The celebration this year was especially notable for its awesomeness,with its 5, count ’em, FIVE days of celebrating (Breaking Dawn, lunches, dinners, drinks, friends, pancakes, boxes from the 92025, CUPCAKES).  Not that I don’t remember every birthday fondly, but this one is a stand out.

Two, in accordance with reason #1, it kicks off The Holiday Season.  In order: my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.  All of these are accompanied by food, drink, music, friends, family, and a crap ton of planning, stress, cleaning, cooking, cleaning again, and recovery.  And I LOVE it.  I love having people around 24/7.  I like getting dressed up.  I like the details that go into a Cloyd Party.  I like making fudge for people.  I love getting a Christmas tree and bossing everyone around while we decorate.  I love the feeling of joy that exists when you know that the people you love are close by and happy and healthy and arguing and singing and sharing and debating and loving and living. 

Today I take off for Maryland and Virigina for Thanksgiving with the East Coast contingent of the Family, and Friday night I come back to a house full of new friends.  In between there will be henna, knitting, parade watching, and turkey eating.  Life is good.


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