T-10 Days to San Diego

2011/12/06 § 3 Comments

Things I’m looking forward to during my three weeks at home:

-a dishwasher.  I VOLUNTEER right now to load the dishwasher at least once a day.  You know why?  Because it means I won’t have to do any of those damned dishes by hand.

-a washer and dryer in a designated laundry room. I don’t have to get dressed to go the laundromat? I don’t have to make sure I have dollar bills to put on the card to make the machines work? We’re golden.

-animals.  Four of them, two cats, two dogs.  I have missed the chaos that comes from four-legged furry creatures running around, being Max’s hero for just opening the back sliding door, and making Charlie’s night by agreeing that indeed, it is dinner time.

-decorating for Christmas!  I have serious concerns that if I were to walk in December 24th, the house might not be decorated.  Mom, Dad, and Rachel did alright two years ago, but this year I don’t think they put up ANY of my fall or Halloween decorations (jerkfaces).

-Christmas at home. There will be coffee cake, there will be Christmas movies (HP 7 Part 2?  Hint hint), there will be stress, there will be cleaning, there will be throwing of pillows off of the floor, on to the floor, at people, and at dogs who don’t get off of the couch fast enough.

-NEW YEAR’S EVE.  ‘Nuff said.

-my library, which I left far too much of at home, will once again be just a few steps away from my bed, and let’s face it, reading and sleeping are two things I plan on doing almost exclusively for at least a week.


Things that perhaps I’m not looking forward to so much:

-animals.  Four of them, two cats, two dogs.  Furry, smelly, attention-needing-and-demanding four legged creatures that always make my black jeans look awful, and recently I’ve been wearing a lot of black (it’s just easier).

-a dishwasher.  I may be remembering incorrectly, and the last two weeks around here completely negate this point, but five people accumulate more dirty dishes faster than one or two people do.  SO MANY DISHES.

-three weeks at home.  I want to go home so bad.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I love it here in New York, but I need to go home and see my family.  However comma.  Three weeks.  Am I a little worried that this is too much time?  Yes absolutely.  Is that enough to make me change my plans?  Not at all.  We’ll just fight it out.  It’ll be fine.

-a month away from home.  I’m going to miss out on so much fun happening here in New York, and that’s sucky. (If you’re wondering how I can be away from NYC for a month, and yet only home for three weeks, the gap week is four days in New Orleans with George and Lana!  So excited.)


So, what does this mean?  It means I’m procrastinating on the four papers, three presentations, and one website due by next Thursday.  Clearly.


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