Dude, where’s my snow?

2012/02/02 § Leave a comment

So, it’s 2012. Weird. Actually, it’s February 2nd, which is even weirder. How has an entire month gone by already?! I can answer that. By starting the year on the other side country, spending a few days in the south, then coming home to houseguests, sharing a room with a sister, and starting the semester and two new jobs. Also, readjusting to my own life in New York, social and otherwise.

But, there’s something that’s really been bothering me. Something that has really thrown me off, upset me, and generally made me feel let down.

And that would be the lack of snow.

YES, I know I shouldn’t tempt the weather gods. I should be glad that the weather has been so mild, that I haven’t wanted to die yet (ok, there were a couple of days while Jenny was here that it was so, so cold), that I haven’t had to turn around and go home because I couldn’t make it.

But still. It snowed one day and it was MAGICAL. I woke up on a Saturday morning to the UPS guy ringing the doorbell and when I opened the door to a beautiful white world. I may have squealed and giggled and the UPS guy may have been very whatever-man about it, but I loved it. I went up to my room and spent a good part of my day in bed, reading and looking out the window. It was practically perfect. So what was the problem then? I didn’t have anyone to play with! B was apartment hunting and the usual suspects were walking hither and yon all over D.C. and by the time anyone was free the following weekend, the snow was long gone.

And two days ago I walked down York Ave sans sweater and thought “damn, I totally could be wearing sandals right now.”

Confusion reigns.


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