Dude, where’s my semester?

2012/04/17 § Leave a comment

So Spring 2012 is almost done. It’s very clearly crunch time. How do I know? For you, dear reader, a list.

1. My bed doesn’t get made every day. This is kind of a big deal, because I don’t have a desk. I do all of my work on my bed, and when it isn’t made I’m doing my work IN my bed and at the end of the semester this means when I’m home I’m either sleeping, eating, or working, and it’s hard to tell one activity from another if the bed ain’t made.

2. At least one FB status update a day is about a paper OR I get a FB post from a friend that goes something like this: “OH MY GOSH HOMEWORK SCHOOL PAPERS FINALS HAIR ON FIRE.”

3. I. have. no. desire. to. work.

4. I have multicolored lists for every class and a master due date list taped right next to my bed, where it can give me panic attacks when I try to go to sleep at night.

5. I left my internship an hour early today to work on a paper, and instead took a nap first thing. At 5.15 in the afternoon. It’s now 8.30p and the paper still isn’t done. Procrastinating much?

But the good news is that the semester is over May 4th, then I have a week off to finish up at my internship/play around/get organized for the summer, whereupon I’ll start (and hopefully conquer! such a good word) a two week class at the Met, then both sisters are getting gradumacated, then I’ll start my internship (which hasn’t been finalized, but when it is, I’ll celebrate with a blog post. Or a drink. Whatevs), then I go to the ALA Annual Conference in June! Oh, and keeping up with the amigos, fun reading, figuring out how to get to the beach, and the work I actually get paid for.


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