User Error x1000

2012/04/23 § Leave a comment

So if you ever feel like you did something really, really stupid to your computer or phone- like the mother of all stupid acts- just remember what I did today in the school Mac lab.

I was getting a video off of my SD card for a friend,

See that spot on the bottom? That's the SD card reader. See that spot on the top? that's where one would put a DVD. Or if you aren't paying attention, a wayward SD card.

and instead of inserting my SD card into the SD slot, I jammed it into the optical reader. And then had to go get a tech person who turned off my computer, tipped it on its side, and fished it out with a straightened paper clip.


So if you do something dumb and you have to go find your local friendly IT help desk geek, just remember you aren’t the first, and you probably won’t be the last. Unless it’s as spectacularly dumb as this. Then join the club. We have t-shirts!


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