I made a thing and it’s really cool!

2012/05/03 § Leave a comment

This semester I took LIS 652, which is one of the four required courses at Pratt. It has a fancy name, but we just call it Reference. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. Librarians actually have to learn about all of the sneaky places that information hides and how to find it, and we call that doing reference work. There’s loads of ways to do reference- ready reference, database searching, data, statistics, maps, images, census, etc. So for our final project we each had to pick a line or two out of E.B. White’s Here Is New York, a beautiful extended essay published in 1949 about the city I have come to love so much, then find a theme in there, research it, find images and music to accompany it, write up everything we learned in a 300-400 word essay/narrative, then put it all together in a podcast that would then be put on the internets. And voila, here mine is. More work than I really want to think about, but I’m really proud of how it turned out. The blog it was posted on originally is here, where you can find the credits and transcript for my podcast. I want to encourage everyone to go poke around the site and watch some of the other videos; some of them are truly spectacular, and I guarantee you’ll learn something new in each of them.



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