To my little sister on the occasion of her college graduation

2012/05/16 § Leave a comment

Dear Patsy-

You did it! Graduation, yay! You get to wear that splendid purple gown with the mis-matched black mortarboard and your shiny golden tassle (honors scholar, ye-yeah!) and march around and be generally awesome. You tend to be generally awesome, did you know that? I’ve always admired how you see something you want and you go get it. You wanted to go to NYU- you did. You wanted to be in Gallatin- you were. You wanted to be an RA- you did that too! You wanted to intern at Penguin- dammit, you did that one too. It is not an un-impressive list of accomplishments that you have. You’ve met some amazing people at NYU and made incredible friends. You’ve handled my move to New York with rather remarkable grace; the same with Rachel’s upcoming one. Thanks for sharing your city with us. We appreciate it. I like being able to do stuff with you and I’m so glad for the chance we’ve had to become better friends.

I know that everyone has their ups and downs and sometimes it seems to go more one way than the other but in my not-at-all humble opinion that’s just the way the universe works and it all evens out in the end. There’s a trailer for a movie that looks way above our age group (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but we’re going to see it anyway) that has a line I adore: “In India we have a saying: everything will be alright in the end. So if it is not alright, it is not the end.” We don’t need to discuss whether or not this is actually a saying, but I like the idea behind it (also: “Like the coast of Florida? Yup, but with more elephants.”). I won’t say any more about it, except that I expect a steady stream of ARCs to be sent to my house over the course of your career.

But Allie! you say- aren’t you forgetting something rather important? Like the fact that I graduated FIVE MONTHS ago? Nope! There’s something magical about walking across the stage in front of God and everyone, praying that you don’t trip over your wedge sandals, taking ten million pictures, all those dinners out, Disneyland, the grad party at home, the grad party here- it makes it real. It makes it fun. It let’s YOU know that the rest of us appreciate all the hard work you put into college. From those of us that have already done it, congrats! Now you can get a move on on that thing they call “real life.” From those of us that have yet to do it, congrats! You made it look awesome. ‘Cause you are.

All my love,

Your most favorite big sister


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