To my baby sister on the occasion of her high school graduation

2012/06/05 § Leave a comment

Dear Small Child-

Congrats! You made it through high school without dying, killing anyone, committing terribly violent acts, getting knocked up, doing drugs, dropping out, or any of the other ten thousand things adults think teenagers do on a regular basis. Instead, you read probably a gazillion books, got into some awesome universities, got a job, went to dance 5 days a week, did well in school, and had some fun shenanigans with your friends. I’m so proud of you. High school can be really crappy, and I know you had some hard times, but you did it, and you did it with style.

Which is a good thing, because you are lucky number 13 to graduate from SP and it would have been sad if you’d messed it up. Just kidding. Sort of. It’s hard to be the youngest, and you’re a double whammy, being the youngest Cloyd sister AND the youngest Cloyd period. I could always deflect by saying “not my brothers, my cousins” but you and B didn’t have that option once I went through, and you’ve always been stuck being defined first as our little sister and second as yourself. I’m so glad that you’re coming to a school and a city that neither knows nor cares that we exist. To be honest, New York doesn’t care about you right now either, but that’s the beauty of the city. Everyone makes it care in their own way. You’re going to define your new world with smallish boundaries, and keep expanding them and pushing them and before you know it you’re going to be this amazing new-but-the-same version of Rachel that for the first time has had the chance to say, “this is my world, and this is how I do it, and it is good.” You’ll be like Bill Gates but instead of Windows 7 it’s Rachel 2.0. Everyone has a 2.0 version. It still has some bumps and hangups and glitches, but in general it’s a much more enjoyable ride than the previous operating system.

Enough of the computer metaphor. Or analogy. Whichever. Let’s talk about how excited I am for you to live in New York. I’ve missed you so much this last year, and while it was probably good for both of us to have this year to grow the heck up (in my case), I’m so excited for Doctor Who together and taking you out for a milkshake on your birthday and doing Christmasy things together. That being said, I’ll feel lucky if I get to see you once every couple of weeks, or even every week for Doctor Who- frosh year of college is so new and so exciting that I doubt you’ll have very much time for your much older and much more boring big sister, and that’s ok. In fact, that’s perfect and to be expected. I’m here and Becca’s here if you need anything, so just give a shout. But don’t tell me what you’re doing every Friday. I’m sure you’ll be at home studying, so why waste your breath telling me that?

Work your ass off this summer. You’ll like having money when you move out here. It’s really much more fun to live in New York when you have money to spend, and while you won’t actually have money to spend, you’ll spend it anyway, so better to have more than less. Don’t forget to go to the beach while you still can though. I haven’t checked it out, but I’ve heard the beach here is quite different from what we’re used to. At any rate, no palm trees here, so take advantage while you can.

Also, no more clothes shopping until you move here. You’ll enjoy it more when you can say, “I bought it in New York!”

All my love,

Your most favorite oldest sister.


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