A cry for help in the fruity darkness

2012/06/08 § Leave a comment

I am a good cook. My squash and leek soup is tasty, my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are always loved, my cupcakes are adventurous and tasty, and my fudge has its own reputation. But it’s come to my attention lately that I can’t do something that may be hindering my time in the kitchen.

I cannot cut fruit.

Seriously. I think this is because while growing up, throwing a Cloyd party always meant certain things, and one of them was that I did the dusting and vacuuming because Becca is allergic to basically everything in our house, so she was always in the kitchen for hours chopping whatever came her way. This means that now I can vacuum like a pro and Becca can probably enter a world championship chopping contest. I can chop other things, and do- but if Becca’s around, I’ll almost always defer to her judgement, or I’ll just give it to her to do. This last weekend for the graduation party was the first time I ever cut up a pineapple. I LOVE pineapple, but I’ve never had one on my own because I didn’t know what to do with it!

But learn I did, and it gave me a new confidence in my fruit-cutting abilities. Apparently too much though, because today I tried to cut up a mango, and all I did was mangle it instead.

Fruit fail.

Would anyone like to teach me how to cut a mango? I’ll make you cookies!


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