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Summer on the East Coast is an interesting amalgamation of weird. I love how warm it stays at night- leaving the house without a sweater after the sun goes down is something I had never imagined doing. While the sun is definitely going down earlier now, for a while there it seemed like it was staying up forever and even late, late at night it felt like it was light out.

(This could also be because hello, New York City. I think it was a little of both.)

There are of course things I hate about the East Coast in the summertime. To absolutely no one’s surprise, it’s the humidity. I hate, detest, deplore, abhor, hold in abomination (thanks!) the humidity. At the very most, it makes me want to die and at the very least makes me want to cut all of my hair off. You know how I have somewhat curly hair? (Or at least, it can be somewhat curly hair?) Yup. That sucks. So does trying to go to sleep at night when it’s 78 degrees and 70% humidity.

But there is one thing that I have learned to love about summer on the East Coast. Thunderstorms.

I have no desire to be out in them. Thunderstorms are spectator-only sports from my point of view. I love to see the clouds roll in- black and scary and all of a sudden the world just looks different. The thunder starts from far away, just low rumbles that could almost be the 7 train, but happen too often and just a touch to loud to be the train. Then a crack or two of lightening, and all of a sudden the sky opens up and the rain comes down and for 10 minutes all there is is the music of rain and lightening and thunder. And maybe the far-off shriek or two of the nearby pedestrian who missed the signs.

Of course, there is the storm or two that just scares the crap out me. One night I got woken up by a giant bang right over my head and before I knew it I had my head under the covers and I was on the phone with Rachel for an hour, with the storm going the whole time. I was completely terrified.

Even still, I love the storms. I’ll miss them come fall, but by then I’ll be focused on the cooler weather, the reemergence of my knitting needles, and the changing colors all around. I’ll forget these afternoon storms and instead be happy watching the rain come down all day from my bed, running around in rainboots and my jacket with my polka dotted umbrella and a scarf.

Until next summer, when the storms come back.

the view from my window


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  • Beth says:

    You’d LOVE (or maybe hate, and hide under the covers) the storms out here in KS. The lightning is SO loud you think it’s right outside your window, especially when the thunder doesnt come after the flash, but at the same time. And the thunderclaps are sometimes almost nonstop, one right on top of the other. I don’t know how Tommy stays asleep through them. I sure don’t!

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